Oil Industry Knew Of Climate Change Dangers For Decades, Documents Reveal

The oil industry was well aware of the science that links fossil fuel emissions and climate change decades ago, according to documents analyzed by a Washington, DC based non-profit. The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) says that the records, amassed over four years of research, reveal the oil industry’s own growing body of knowledge into the field of climate change – even as it publicly continued to cast doubt on its very existence.

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Hepatitis C: Six-Week Antiviral Therapy ‘Quick Cure’ And Price Agreement Bring Hope

Innovative use of antiviral therapy for Hepatitis C and drug policy initiatives made news this week in the ongoing fight against what has been called a silent killer. Quicker treatment times and lower costs means that the next generation of antiviral treatments for Hepatitis C will reach – and cure – more and more of the millions of people worldwide who suffer from the debilitating liver disease.

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Dark Matter: The Invisible Force At The Heart Of A Galactic Mystery

Dark matter, invisible and enigmatic, may be the solution to a riddle posed by a star that is speeding through our galaxy. The recent discovery of the star system throws existing theories about the center of the galaxy into question – unless dark matter enters the equation.

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Caravaggio – ‘Lost’ Painting By Italian Renaissance Master Found In French Attic?

Did someone really stumble on a lost, potentially multi-million dollar Caravaggio painting in a dusty attic? According to some art experts, the answer is yes, although it’s likely the truth about the painting, whose possible value has been estimated at over 100 million euros, may never be fully established.

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The Jungle Book ate up the box office in India and won rave reviews in Australia and New Zealand this weekend, a full week ahead of the North American general release. The Hollywood remake of the classic Disney film opened April 7 and 8 in select markets but North American audiences have to make due with a new featurette until April 15.

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