David Jacobson & the Space Wizards: Psychedelica Revisited

David JacobsonDavid Jacobson and the Space Wizards are based out of Brooklyn, New York, with a track record of playing around town at clubs like Palisades, Sidewalk, Pete’s Candy Store, Pianos and Bowery Electric, among others.

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‘Game Of Thrones’: Where Does The Finale Of Season 6 Leave George RR Martin And ‘The Winds Of Winter’?

Game of Thrones Season 6 just wrapped up, but where does it leave author George RR Martin and his “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels? With the blockbuster season over, fans are now waiting for the new novel, The Winds of Winter, but with no firm release date in sight.

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The 10 Best Burger Joints in Hamilton, Ontario

The Hamilton restaurant scene is gaining a higher profile and the buzz is spreading across the country. Even with an influx of fine dining options, the Hammer is still a city where, above all, you can count on the basics — like finding a great burger (or ten). The current crop of gourmet offerings is unprecedented, leaving burger fans with a true plethora of choices. We’ve waded through the competition to bring you ten of the best burgers in Steeltown.

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