15 Times Hollywood Destroyed New York City

New York City, the Big Apple – no matter what name it goes by, it’s an iconic city on the global stage with landmark buildings and structures that are recognized around the world. Maybe that’s what makes so many movie directors long to blow it to smithereens.

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Marvel/Netflix: four superhero stories converge in ‘The Defenders’ (2017)

Four #Marvel superheroes star in The Defenders TV series that brings togetherLuke Cage, Jessica JonesDaredevil, and Iron Fist into one story planned to air on #Netflix in late 2017. Managing four ongoing storylines as they criss cross each other and then converge in a new series is a script writing juggling act.

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Zendaya, Stan Lee, and the Mary Jane Watson controversy

Ever since The Wrap posted a story on August 18 claiming that Zendaya would be playing Spidey’s love interest Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming third reboot of the Spider-Man series, there’s been a lot of buzz both for and against the casting choice. Specifically, the controversy has centered on the idea of using a biracial actress to play the ultimate girl next door character – a character who has previously always been portrayed as white. It was already known that Zendaya, whose background is African-American, German, and Scottish, was cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but her role was supposed to be that of a character called “Michelle.”

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DownTown Mystic: ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Romantic’

DownTown Mystic is the alter ego of songwriter Robert Allen, a New Jersey native with a penchant for rock in the classic –aka Americana/roots rock – vein. Rock ‘N’ Roll Romantic is the follow up to 2010’s well received Standing Still and 2013’s eponymous release, DownTown Mystic. The latter spent 10 months on the US Americana Radio Charts, with the single “Way To Know” going to #1 on the Roots Music Report Alt/Rock Song Chart.

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Harley Quinn and Deadshot join ‘Injustice 2’ — new trailer

Harley Quinn and Deadshot of Suicide Squad fame will be hitting PS4 and Xbox One along with the silver screen soon as the two super villains join the #Video Game mayhem of Injustice 2. Who could be better suited for the dystopic universe of the NetherRealm Studios game than psychotic Harley Quinn and killer for hire Deadshot? Harley Quinn has entered the world of Injustice before but this is Deadshot’s first time to appear as a playable character in the series.

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11 Times Presidential Daughters And Sons Got Caught Partying

It’s not so easy being the son or daughter of the American president. Sure, there’s a big house to live in, cool rides to get around in, and pretty much anything you want when it comes to material goods. But, unlike many other nations, the American president’s family lives in a fishbowl under a unique spotlight, trailed by both Secret Service agents assigned to protect and a paparazzi eager for incriminating pics of First Family wrongdoing. Add social media and the ability for anybody to instantly broadcast bad behavior worldwide, and what’s a kid to do?

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15 Stars Wars Vs Star Trek Battle Scenes We’d Like To See On Screen

Star Trek vs. Star Wars – ever since 1977 when the original Star Wars movie came out, fans have been debating the merits of one sci-fi/fantasy universe over the other. While the stories pursue different lines in many ways, every fan has their own secret fantasy about what might happen if the two franchises ever came together on the big screen.

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Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight

Tonight and tomorrow night are the optimal times to view the Perseid meteor shower that decorates the night sky every year between late July and mid to late August. This year’s show of shooting stars promises to be more spectacular than usual, although you’ll have to stay up past midnight to catch it at its peak.

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