Katie Burden – Strange Moon

Strange Moon is the second CD for Los Angeles based indie artist Katie Burden and it’s been getting a fair amount of buzz since its release on September 15, and with good reason. Amid the plethora of indie releases out there, she generates a unique musical energy in the over crowded world of guitar driven rock that’s lit up by the liquid loveliness of her voice.

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15 Battles We Want To See On Game Of Thrones Season 7

Winter is coming in Game of Thrones’ Season 7, culminating in the final battle for Westeros between the human forces of the Seven Kingdoms and the supernatural White Walkers and their fearsome Night King. Even though that final clash is set – both in the upcoming books and in HBO’s TV series Seasons 7 and 8 – there’s still plenty of time for scheming, sex, and murder in the meantime, and a slew of battles big and small scale to set the stage.

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10 Historic Roller Coasters From Around The World

Adding a little thrill to everyday life – the appeal of roller coasters spans generations and is felt across the globe. The earliest roller coasters were developed in Russia, as early as the 16th century, and used gravity alone to send carts winding around a mountainside ramp. During the 19th century, roller coasters became hugely popular features of many cities in North Americaand Europe, with high-profile designers competing on an international scale. By the early 20th century, the technology had advanced to a reliable plateau and many of the results dating from the early 20th century still survive to this day. Here’s a look at ten of the most storied historic roller coasters still in use today.

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Teleportation — quantum internet gets closer to reality

Teleportation? A quantum internet? Sci-fi just got a lot closer to reality after researchers managed to teleport light particles over a six kilometer distance, according to a paper just published in the academic journal, Nature Photonics. University of Calgary physics professor Wolfgang Tittel, the team leader, described the phenomenon in an interview with the CBC. “What is remarkable about this is that this information transfer happens in what we call a disembodied manner.”

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Luke Cage on Netflix – a new featurette as September 30 premiere approaches

Luke Cage” – third in the#Marvel/#Netflix series of TV collaborations – hits the airwaves on September 30. As a character, Luke Cage debuted in the Marvel Comic universe some four decades ago, but the highly anticipated series represents the very first time the Black superhero has been brought to life either in TV or the movies.

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Black hole swallows stars — NASA captures ‘stellar tidal disruption’

Can a black hole eat stars, then burp? Not exactly, but the explanation for recent discoveries documented by #NASA and a team of astrophysicists at the University of Science and Technology of China may be even more interesting. The studies are based on data from NASA’s WISE satellite (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) mission.

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15 Behind The Scenes Facts About How To Get Away With Murder

From its premier in 2014, the show has grabbed headlines for its genre blasting approach and the shocking revelations of its deliciously twisted storyline. While its core of fans has been hooked by the winning combination of legal drama, murder mystery, and hook-up among the characters, the show has also come under fire for everything from legal inaccuracies to its frequent gay sex scenes. That doesn’t seem to trouble series executive producer Shonda Rhimes, whose production company ShondaLand is also responsible for ABC’s mega hits Grey’s Anatomy andScandal, even though she has frequently gone to Twitter to take on the critics herself.

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15 Secrets Behind FOX’s Empire

Empire‘s combination of hip-hop, high fashion, and high drama has proven to be a hit since the very first episode premiered on Fox in January 2015. Created by Lee Daniels and Mark Strong, the story of patriarch Lucious Lyon, Cookie (the ex-wife who’s coming from a 17-year jail stint), their families and associates offers a compelling mix of music, crime, and family drama that clearly found its audience. The first season racked up more than 15 million viewers each week, with the numbers rising at each episode. That’s virtually unheard of in TV land. During its second season, it dropped from first place among the coveted 18 to 49 demographic but remained in the top 10.

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The 15 Worst Space Disasters (And Some Very Close Calls)

Space disasters remind us that, no matter how mind-blowingly cool manned spaceflight is, the risks are dramatic and often absolute. A car crash can have devastating consequences, but at least it leaves you on the ground. When something goes wrong in space, it’s just you, some metal, a whole lot of combustible fuel, and the dark, cold loneliness of space. A total of 21 people have lost their lives in the pursuit of spaceflight, and many more in training exercises and rocket launches gone awry. Still, others died because their fascination for spaceflight put them at the wrong place, at exactly the wrong time.

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