15 Secrets Behind FOX’s Empire

Empire‘s combination of hip-hop, high fashion, and high drama has proven to be a hit since the very first episode premiered on Fox in January 2015. Created by Lee Daniels and Mark Strong, the story of patriarch Lucious Lyon, Cookie (the ex-wife who’s coming from a 17-year jail stint), their families and associates offers a compelling mix of music, crime, and family drama that clearly found its audience. The first season racked up more than 15 million viewers each week, with the numbers rising at each episode. That’s virtually unheard of in TV land. During its second season, it dropped from first place among the coveted 18 to 49 demographic but remained in the top 10.

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Planet X or Planet Nibiru — just a distant cousin or destroyer of Earth?

Planet X — theories abound on Planet Nibiru, aka Planet 9, and its potentially destructive role in our solar system. From science, to theory, to legend, Planet X has captured the world’s imagination.

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The 15 Worst Space Disasters (And Some Very Close Calls)

Space disasters remind us that, no matter how mind-blowingly cool manned spaceflight is, the risks are dramatic and often absolute. A car crash can have devastating consequences, but at least it leaves you on the ground. When something goes wrong in space, it’s just you, some metal, a whole lot of combustible fuel, and the dark, cold loneliness of space. A total of 21 people have lost their lives in the pursuit of spaceflight, and many more in training exercises and rocket launches gone awry. Still, others died because their fascination for spaceflight put them at the wrong place, at exactly the wrong time.

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Alien life — did NASA find a ‘Death Star’ in a distant galaxy?

Did #NASA discover an alien megastructure star more than 1,400 light years away? That’s the intriguing question brought up by findings from its Kepler Mission after observing a distant star over a four year period. NASA’s Kepler Mission is an observatory mission with the express purpose of finding earth-like planets outside our solar system. As such, it observed a star called KIC 8462852 — aka Tabby’s Star — for four years between 2009 and 2013. KIC 8462852 is what is known as an “F-type” star, located in the constellation called Cygnus in the Western tradition.

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‘Supergirl #1’ and the success of the DC Comics ‘Rebirth’ series

Supergirl #1 tells the first part of the “Reign of the Cyborg Superman” saga.Kara Danvers, average American teen and aka Supergirl, has to get her homework done on time even as she’s saving the universe as a superhero. In this outing, she has to face the past in the form of the menacing figure of Cyborg Superman — her father.

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The 15 Biggest A-Holes In The Soccer World

Footballers (or soccer players if you’re North American) have to be supremely athletic to cover the 110 to 120 yards (100 to 110 meters) of the soccer pitch, all the while going for the ball or dodging other players. It’s not so surprising that the aggressive spirit that it takes to excel at the game sometimes boils into hits that are more violent than they should be, confrontations between players on the pitch, and other assorted bad behavior.

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