15 Superhero TV Series That Were In The Works, But Never Aired

Superhero movies are the greatest, chock full of special effects and populated with big stars. Their premieres are highly anticipated events and it’s no secret that a successful superhero franchise is a ticket to big money and fame for everyone involved. On TV, superhero stories offer a weekly fix – or at least a few days of binge watching – and let us get to know our heroes a little better. We can see them at home, and as they develop.

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‘Supernatural’ stars visit ‘Kings of Con’ web series

“#Supernatural” stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles invaded “Kings of Con” yesterday for the web series finale. The fictional world of “Kings of Con” revolves around the show, but it’s the first time that the “Supernatural” stars have actually appeared in the series.

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Is 2017 the year for quantum computers?

Quantum computers, so far only a reality in the laboratory, are set to make the leap into the real world. Google and Microsoft are among the many companies and organizations leading the charge to make #Quantum computing a reality sooner rather than later, and it has involved a shift from pure research to tackling the engineering challenges of the brand new #technology.

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15 Most Controversial Acts Committed By Commissioner Gordon

James Worthington Gordon has been with us for a long time. He first appeared in Detective Comics (the DC in DC Comics,) #27 in May of 1939, the issue that introduced Batman himself. Jim Gordon of the Gotham PD was created by the immortal Bob Kane and Bill Finger as the very first of all the recurring characters in the Batman saga.

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