15 Photos Of The Most Polluted Cities In The World

Which cities in the world are the most polluted? That depends on who you ask, and what exactly you are looking for. Some of the data is from the 2016 WHO (World Health Organization) report. Air quality data from 3,000 cities worldwide was used to create a list of urban areas most affected by air pollution. But air pollution is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to environmental contamination.

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15 Disturbing Facts About Rasputin — The Mystic Who Destroyed Imperial Russia

Demon, holy man, or simply a depraved charlatan? Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, commonly known as simply Rasputin, was one of those larger than life characters who will continue to fascinate scholars and pop culture lovers alike through the centuries. He was a Russian mystic with a shady reputation — although he definitely had his believers, including Tsarina Alexandra, who saw him as her most important adviser.

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Dance of the Eleusians

His blue limbs gleamed coolly in the hot air, they arched and flexed with unhurried grace. He spun sinuously in the air, catching the light of the sun in his hair. His was the only movement in the circle of watchers.

Now another joined him in the middle. His skin was dark red, his physique compact, contained. His movements made her think of what he didn’t do, turns he didn’t make, and leaps that existed only in his eyes. Finally, a third Eleusian joined the dance, this one bright yellow, jumping furiously on the spot, like the flickering flame of a candle. They were pure colors that never mixed, cold jewels that tumbled separately. They deflected each others movements, and only the impersonal thread of the flute-like instrument a fourth played held them even in the same space.

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NASA reveals first distant star system with seven Earth-like exoplanets

#NASA announced this afternoon that it had moved a little farther in the search for alien life with the discovery of seven promising exoplanets in the TRAPPIST-1 system. This is the first time ever that seven Earth-size planets have been found orbiting the same star.

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15 Disturbing Creatures To Come Out Of The Ocean

From bizarre, to gross, to downright terrifying, there are many scary creatures that lurk under the waves. Through a long line of movies from the seminal Jaws to Sharknado, we all know about the fearsome great white and other types of sharks that roam the world’s oceans. But, sharks are just the beginning of the list of nightmarish creatures that live and thrive in the world’s waters.

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SpaceX-NASA collaboration makes history

#Elon Musk and #SpaceX made history this morning with the launch of a Dragon spacecraft from the #NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It represents the first time the storied facility was used for a commercial launch. The Kennedy Space Center launchpad 39A was last used in 2011 for the launch of Atlantis, at the end of NASA’s space shuttle program. Today’s first commercial run won’t be its last, however, as the NASA facility is converted to a multipurpose commercial spaceport. Maintaining and using existing assets is another aspect of the ongoing collaborations between SpaceX and NASA.

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Blood Brothers

The sunlight is pale through the haze, though its potency is not diminished by the sodden layer of air beneath. It seems almost to weigh down upon the earth, thickening to a mist that hovers just above the jungle floor. It’s the first thing I notice as I wake with the rest, yawn and stretch loosely. Everyone is slow and languid in the heat. I put my head back down to the ground and roll to the other side. No hurry. Leader is up, checking and inspecting, but there is no urgency in his manner. And the world seems calm at this moment, as if it were a safe and reasonable place to be.

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15 STEAMY Photos Of The Hottest Cosplayer In The World

Cosplay combines two great things – great characters from sci-fi and fantasy, and hot women in real life – and the best of both come together in model and designer Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. The French Canadian model has taken the cosplay world by storm over the last several years, impressing even purists with her incredibly detailed and always sexy costumes. Along with her stunning looks and talent as a seamstress, Marie-Claude is an actual fan of fantasy, anime, manga, and video game characters.

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15 FREAKY AF Things Found On The Dark Web

The web that you surf includes all the legit stuff that is linked to Google and other conventional search engines. But, there are other places on the web – deep, dark places – that hide themselves from Google. The dark web, sometimes called the deep web, is anonymous, unfettered, and beyond the reach of international law, at least some of the time. That’s made it the home of notorious sites like The Silk Road, where you could buy anything from guns to drugs, and more drugs – until the FBI shut it down in 2013 and sent its owner, Ross William Ulbricht, to life in prison. Staff tried a reboot, but Silk Road 2 was shut down in 2014.

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