15 STEAMY Photos Of The Hottest Cosplayer In The World

Cosplay combines two great things – great characters from sci-fi and fantasy, and hot women in real life – and the best of both come together in model and designer Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. The French Canadian model has taken the cosplay world by storm over the last several years, impressing even purists with her incredibly detailed and always sexy costumes. Along with her stunning looks and talent as a seamstress, Marie-Claude is an actual fan of fantasy, anime, manga, and video game characters.

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15 FREAKY AF Things Found On The Dark Web

The web that you surf includes all the legit stuff that is linked to Google and other conventional search engines. But, there are other places on the web – deep, dark places – that hide themselves from Google. The dark web, sometimes called the deep web, is anonymous, unfettered, and beyond the reach of international law, at least some of the time. That’s made it the home of notorious sites like The Silk Road, where you could buy anything from guns to drugs, and more drugs – until the FBI shut it down in 2013 and sent its owner, Ross William Ulbricht, to life in prison. Staff tried a reboot, but Silk Road 2 was shut down in 2014.

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15 Freaky Murders That Plagued The Hollywood Elite

Hollywood and crime are a potent combination. We the public love our celebrity secrets, and high profile crimes — especially murder — has always been a way to sell newspapers and garner online views. Put the two together and it’s a magnet for the media, and no doubt a lot of pressure on police to come up with a resolution. That makes it all the more surprising that there are so many unsolved murders over the decades that involve celebrities and movie industry power players.

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