15 Most Shocking Celebrity Fist Fights

Celebrities and fist fights — why? Isn’t money and fame enough for them? The answer is “apparently not,” at least in some cases. Maybe it’s the fame and fortune itself that causes at least some of the friction. After all, these days, that means constant attention from the paparazzi and living your entire life in a fishbowl. We can’t help but notice that many of the incidents of celebrity fisticuffs involve photographers.

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15 Star Wars Secrets We Want Answers To In The Last Jedi

The seven Star Wars films so far have been high on adventure, spectacular special effects, and… questions. There are always so many questions. Such as, who are these Jedi, really? And would all those different species really drink the same kind of booze?

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15 Of The Worst Presidents In US History

It’s probably a sign of the times that we live in that when you begin to Google “worst US,” “presidents” is the word the online search engine suggests to complete your query. So many people flailing around for answers. Sometimes, when you’re looking to make sense of the present, though, it helps to take a look into the past.

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Water plumes erupting on Jupiter moon may point to alien life

NASA Hubble scientists announced what looks like a recurring plume of water jetting from the frozen surface of Europa, providing another tantalizing hint of the possibility of #Alien Life on Jupiter’s fourth largest moon. The geyser of water ejected 62 miles or about 100 kilometers from the surface of the ice near the moon’s equator.

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15 Of The Richest Monarchs In The World

Monarchies occupy a strange place in the modern world. In some parts of the globe, they seem to linger as expensive anachronisms, their powers neutered by constitutional arrangements, while other regions have never known anything but the iron grip of an all-powerful ruling family. But, there’s one thing they all have in common, along with the official titles to go along with their names.

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15 Celebs Who Released Lewd Photos Of Themselves

Celebrity nude pics – remember when they were something new and shocking? Na, we don’t either. Maybe it wasn’t so many years ago, relatively speaking since the practice began, but after the constant barrage everything from fairly innocent semi-nude pics to explicit sex tapes over the last decade or more, checking out the latest celebrity nude posts is pretty much an everyday thing.

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’13 Reasons Why’ — another hit for Netflix

“#13 Reasons Why” is a teen drama with a difference, and early reviews are giving the #Netflix series that tackles bullying and suicide the thumbs up. It can be difficult to talk about a serious issue in a way that’s still entertaining, but Brian Yorkey’s adaptation of the 2007 book by Jay Asher largely succeeds at both.

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