15 Filthy Rich Teens Who Turned Out Evil

We’d all like to be one of those rich kids who fill their Instagram feeds with the expensive cars, vacations, and night-clubbing of the like we ordinary mortals just can’t afford. Life as one of those trust fund kids must be all gravy – no need to work and accountants to handle those pesky bills when they come in. What could go wrong?

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15 Secrets And Easter Eggs In Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins takes an understated approach to Easter eggs and those sly nods to the DCEU that fans expect — so low key that you may well have missed most of them. The hit movie starring Gal Gadot takes a much subtler approach than, say, the huge truck marked “Sullivan Truck & Tractor Repair” that appears in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel as a not-so-subtle reference to the Chloe Sullivan character from Smallville. DC’s main rival Marvel’s copious use of Easter eggs is an expected part of the experience.

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