15 Celebs Who Were Filthy Rich, But Ended Up Homeless

Homeless celebs? At times, the trip from career high to down and out is alarmingly short, and it happens far more often than you think. If you’ve never been rich, then it tends to seem like money would be the solution to all your problems. There’s no denying that available funds are the solution to many an issue, but it’s a mistake to think it would make all your problems go away. Even when you add fame, money, and celebrity together, the real-life stories of celebs who ended up on the street prove that you can lose it all no matter how high up you are in society when you begin.

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NASA: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Up Close

NASA’s Juno mission has begun to release the very latest images from its JunoCam, taken July 10, 2017 during its close flyby near Jupiter’s famous Great Red Spot. It was Juno’s sixth flyby near the gas giant in our Solar System.

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15 Smoking Hot Black Widow Cosplays

It takes a special kind of cosplayer to pull off a really convincing Black Widow. Of all the female characters in comic books, movies, and anime, Natasha Romanoff’s tight black garb – while, in a word, awesome – is also one of the more subtle designs when it comes to costume. With pops of color and props, a lot of cosplays can rely on the look alone to carry the persona. With Black Widow, though, in solid black and dressed for action, the attitude becomes a lot more important.

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15 Lottery Winners Who Lost It All… FAST

Unless you’re already rich or come from a wealthy family, winning the lottery seems like the only way to vault yourself into that category – the only true “get rich quick” scheme. But if you were holding out hope that someday, a winning lottery ticket would get you out of that dead-end job and that crappy apartment you can barely afford, we’re sorry to point out that you have better odds of getting struck by lightning – at 1 in 700,000 – than you do of winning the Powerball, for example – at a daunting 1 in 175,223,510.

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