15 Dramatic Bank Heists Caught On Camera

Even in our digital era, the smallest bank branch still holds a stash of cash. To criminal minds, it’s the ultimate temptation, and to some, it’s a challenge that’s just waiting for the right approach. Any bank robbery can be a dangerous and even traumatic situation for the employees and customers who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But, in certain cases, the circumstances are uniquely shocking.

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15 Creepiest Things We Ever Caught On Security Cameras

Security cams, CCTV, surveillance cameras – more and more of our lives and our world are recorded on a continuous basis. In cities like London, UK, you can expect to be on camera virtually anytime you’re out on the street. Along with government and other outdoor surveillance, there are cameras in offices, some corporate environments, and even in people’s private homes.

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15 Twisted Movie Endings We Totally Never Saw Coming

The big reveal or the twist ending, if it’s successfully handled, is a movie classic. It turns everything you thought you knew about the story on its head, usually during the last minutes of the story. The effect can be surprising or shocking, but sometimes, the ending of a movie ends on a note so disturbing that it stays with you for days. It’s more than your standard horror-movie shock ending.

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15 Deleted Star Wars Scenes That Shouldn’t Have Been Cut

Star Wars is the first of the great movie franchises and, arguably, the greatest of them all. It’s spanned decades and generations with a storyline that’s become part of the contemporary zeitgeist. But… what if that famous storyline was at least partly the result of rushed decisions about what footage and ideas to leave on the proverbial cutting room floor at the last minute?

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8 Ways The Harry Potter Movies Butchered The Books (And 7 Times It Was Better)

Harry Potter – movies or books? Or do you love them both, albeit a little differently? It’s one of the few cases where both a series of novels and of books were so good that you can be a superfan of all of the above. That’s not to say, though, that they’re exactly the same.

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