Here’s Why I Broke Up With My Car, And You Should Too

Looking down now at cars from my seat on the bus, they seem like an outlandishly wasteful thing, all to get one person down the road.

A few years ago, I finally broke up with cars. It was a long time coming.

Our relationship used to seem so exciting and practical. Now, it all feels like i was under some insane delusion

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20 Secrets Only Dennis Rodman Knows About His Bestie Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un — supreme leader of a secretive, isolationist nation with its very own nuclear arsenal — and Dennis Rodman — one-time madman of the NBA— are besties. You couldn’t make this up. It’s not only one of history’s most oddball relationships, it’s also a source of international intelligence. It is widely acknowledged that any details the West knows about North Korea’s leader come from either Dennis Rodman or a Japanese sushi chef who once worked for the Marshal of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Great Successor, the Sun of the 21st Century, all rolled up in the person of one Kim Jong Un.

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THE SCOOP | Former Hamilton Phil Conductor Daniel Lipton At Large After Warrant Issued For Arrest

Daniel Lipton, an acclaimed conductor of opera, remains at large after a warrant was issued for his arrest in Hamilton, Ontario for a sexual assault that his accuser claims occurred some three decades ago. Lipton resigned his position as artistic director of Opera Tampa in Florida in July 2017, and now faces mounting allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behaviour.

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Joey Niceforo- “Winner Takes It All”

“Winner Takes All” is the ABBA favourite you think you know – you think so, that is, until you hear the latest version by singer Joey Niceforo. Joey is a classical crossover artist, and his treatment of the song mines unexpected emotional and even musical depths from the original pop material. Credit his classically trained voice and years of performing experience.

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