How to Get Into an American or Canadian University as an African Student

So, you want to go abroad for studies? Here’s how.

Do you want to go to school in North America? You’re definitely not alone. International students make up about 5 percent of all students enrolled in post-secondary education in the United States, and the numbers for all of North America are growing. With over 150 universities in the United States and 26 in Canada in the QS World University Rankings, there are plenty of highly rated institutions to choose from. Here’s how to get started.

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INTERVIEW | Cameron Carpenter’s Radical Proposition

Cameron Carpenter is used to doing things outside the traditional norms of the classical music world. There’s no program announced, for example, for most of the current tour that sees him swing through Southern Ontario in April 2018. “I’ve never found that announcing programs has any cultural value,” he says.

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15 Female MMA Fighters Who Could Take Ronda Rousey’s Place

One of the most exciting developments in MMA in recent years has been the rise of female fighters in the various leagues, including the UFC. After Ronda Rousey first hit the world stage back in about 2010 as a mixed martial arts fighter. She won 12 consecutive MMA fights, including six in the UFC, before that first big loss to Holly Holm in 2015.

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15 Secrets About The GoT Cast They Wish They Could Keep Under Wraps

Game of Thrones season 8 is filming now in Croatia, Ireland, and other locations around the world, with an air date some time in 2019. But, that doesn’t mean that the beloved HBO series has fallen off anyone’s radar. The sense of anticipation for what is sure to be an explosive culmination of a groundbreaking series is running high.

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NEVER HEARD OF IT | Why Is New Music Such A Hard Sell?

Earlier this year, the TSO announced the cancellation of its long-running New Creations Festival, a yearly showcase of contemporary classical music. It comes at a time when the TSO and orchestras all over the continent are increasingly programming performances like movie screenings with live music and crossover artists that turn beloved classics into pop music. Is the future of classical music in trouble? Does it mean that Toronto audiences don’t support new compositions?

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Peripheral Vision: More Songs About Error And Shame

More Songs About Error And Shame by Toronto’s Peripheral Vision offers sophisticated, melodic modern jazz with an esoteric bent and eclectic tastes. Co-founders Michael Herring and Don Scott are joined by Nick Fraser on drums and Trevor Hogg on tenor sax in seven original tracks that combine elements of contemporary jazz with a garage band vibe and a groovy Sixties flavor of cool that includes swinging guitars and a strong rhythmic pulse.

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