ON THE RADAR | Five Composers Step Up To Bat At TSO’s 2018 Reading Session

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra periodically holds what are called the Reading Sessions. Canadian composers of any age can submit one score to be considered for the event, where their works are played by members of the TSO. There’s feedback from the musicians and conductor Gary Kulesha, Composer Advisor of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO), along with professional advice on how to prepare scores and other matters.

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20 Royal Perks Meghan Markle Will Enjoy After Getting Hitched

On May 19, 2018, Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry in a wedding that comes after what many call a whirlwind romance. Meghan, now 36, was first introduced to Harry on a blind date in 2016, and they’ve been an item ever since.

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THE SCOOP | The Elora Festival And Singers Scramble As CRA Revokes Charitable Status

Support the Elora Festival and Singers. We rely on the generous donations made by you – the members of our community. You can make a donation to the Elora Festival or the Elora Singers by clicking the button below. Donors receive benefits for their giving level. Thank you and we greatly appreciate your support!

So it says on the website for the Elora Festival and Singers — still. But, what happens to a small to mid-sized arts organization when their status as a registered charitable organization is revoked?

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20 Things Iron Man Owns Robert Downey Jr. Could Never Afford

Tony Stark. Billionaire. Genius. Iron Man. It’s both his brains and his money that make him Iron Man, and that led to his developing the iconic Iron Man suit and its many iterations. The MCU movies show us many scenes of Tony using his very own weaponized tech to save the world, and sometimes screw it up too.

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