Solon McDade: Murals

An inventive sense of composition characterizes Murals by Toronto-based jazz bassist and composer Solon McDade. As a composer, McDade possesses a dramatic sense of structure that is always multi-layered, and constantly shifting in mood and tone.

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Adrean Farrugia / Joel Frahm: Blued Dharma

Long time collaborators and bandmates Adrean Farrugia and Joel Frahm explore the musical possibilities of jazz piano and saxophone on Blued Dharma with a playful and melodic take. The release offers an intriguing variety of expression and approaches.

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PRIMER | Everything You Need To Know About Koerner Hall’s 10th Anniversary Season

With 102 concerts and events, including 478 Canadian artists, including several First Nations, and representing 27 countries, Koerner Hall’s 10th anniversary season kicks off and ends with mini-festivals, and offers a line-up that can only be called diverse. Representing a range of genres from jazz to roots and world music, the bedrock of their musical programming is a constant stream of classical music concerts, including highly anticipated debuts and returning artists.

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11 Female Celebs Who Are Total Class Acts And 13 Who Are Prima Donnas IRL

Sometimes, the smiling face hides a huge ego and emotional issues that make working and dealing with them difficult.

Once you hit the A-list as an actress, the image the public gets is all smiles. With perfect make-up, hair, and nails, and a killer wardrobe, they pose on the red carpet, and push their latest projects on TV talk shows. But, as we all know, a smile can hide a lot.

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10 Celebs Who Forgot About Their Love Child And 10 Who Surprisingly Stepped Up

Over the years, Eddie Murphy has had a total of nine children with five different mothers.

Celebrities love children…it’s a nice way of describing what happens when someone is rich, famous, and not so careful. Unexpected children happen all the time, of course, to all sorts of people. But, when you’re a celebrity, it all happens in the public eye.

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