20 Hairstyles Our Grandmas Rocked That Are Making A Total Comeback

Everything old is new again –  or that’s how the saying goes. When it comes to hair, there are centuries of “stylespo” to draw from. You may not be able to reinvent the wheel, but you can create modern takes on fads from previous decades.

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Exclusive Interview: Jazz Musician Bria Skonberg

Bria Skonberg is bringing us the musical future by delving into its past.

It’s been a busy year for jazz trumpet player, composer, and singer Bria Skonberg. She got a last minute call earlier this year to play with the members of Sun Ra Arkestra backing up U2 at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem. She was approached by New York’s Lincoln Center to put together the Sisterhood of Swing, a tribute to the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, the first all female big band. Add a busy touring schedule and gigging with her band.

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The ONE Thing We Absolutely Need To Have In A Relationship (Based On His & Her Astro Sign)

Everyone has that one thing we really need out of a relationship — the surefire deal breaker. Sure, there are nice-to-haves, like a rich family and a flashy car, but in the end, we’re all willing to put up with a lot if certain key facets of the relationship are in place.

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FEATURE | That Time When Toronto Was The Piano Building Capital Of The World

If you were watching the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, you might have taken in Lang Lang performing on a stunning nine-foot grand piano made of sparkling crystal. If you have a large screen TV, or saw other close-up footage, you might have noticed a detail that should have caught any Toronto music lover’s eye — the brand name of the piano was Heintzman. The piano was later auctioned off for $3.22 million, a record-setting price for a piano.

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INTERVIEW | ‘Maria By Callas’, In Her Own Words, Makes Us Re-Think Everything We Thought We Knew About Her

There are two people in me. I would like to be Maria, but there is the Callas that I have to live up to.

There was Maria, and there was Callas. Maria was the private woman, known only to a small circle of friends. The poised perfection that was Callas was the persona she gifted to her fans and the rest of the world. A fascinating portrait of both emerges in the new documentary Maria by Callas by French filmmaker Tom Volf which received its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018.

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Congolese Actor Stéphane Bak on His Intense Experience Shooting ‘The Mercy of the Jungle’ In Uganda

We catch up with the actor after the film made its North American premiere at TIFF.

When actor Stéphane Bak first got the script for The Mercy of the Jungle (La Miséricorde de la Jungle), he knew there was one person he had to consult: his father. “My dad did school me about this,” he says. While Bak was born and raised in France, his parents had emigrated from what was then Zaire in the 1980s—before the events of the movie, and not exactly in the same area, but close enough to be able to pass on firsthand knowledge of the simmering ethnic tensions that underpin the action.

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