FEATURE | How Researchers At The University Of Toronto Aim To Help Musicians With Artificial Intelligence

Classical music and cutting edge technology may not seem, at first glance, to have much to do with each other. In the public imagination, in fact, classical music may seem like the last stronghold of music making without the use of modern tech. But, to see them as two separate — or even opposing worlds, is a fallacy. They don’t just intertwine; technology is breathing vital new life into the world of classical music just as it needs it most.

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INTERVIEW | The Secret Behind The Success Of André Rieu

At 69, the classical music juggernaut that is André Léon Marie Nicolas Rieu shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, 2018 has been the Dutch violinist and conductor’s most successful year to date, with more than 700,000 tickets sold to his concerts worldwide. Who would have thought that the King of the Waltz would outsell Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and AC/DC in the 21st century?

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