Copy Writing/SEO

Copy Writing/SEO

As a freelancer, web copy writing and SEO optimized work makes up much of the workload. Some work I’ve contracted on my own while other assignments have gone through agencies such as WebWritingWords, GreatContent and TripleCurveLLC (now ZenContent). This has included a number of different specialties.

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Blogging, article writing, social media & outreach (non-commercial) – since 2009 (ongoing) including blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in for clients, adding non-commercial web content and other online activities to support website traffic and promote individual organizations and events; individual projects by contract.

Sample Clients:

– TheRichest – SEO optimized listicles for a global pop culture magazine (2017-present)
The Blasting News – SEO optimized news & entertainment for a global news aggregate website (May 2016 to November 2017) Sample #1, Sample #2
– The Inquisitr News – SEO optimized news & entertainment stories for a global news aggregate website (Jan to July 2016) Sample article #1, article #2, article #3, article #4
Limoneira – purely informational blog posts revolving around their primary product (lemons & specialty citrus) with no sales pitch. Includes:

Marketing oriented web copy writing & corporate communications – multiple clients from 2007 to present (ongoing), including business reports and documents, webpages, company blogs and other social media and entire website contents.

Sample Clients:

Athletescare Toronto & Ottawa – SEO optimized webpages
 GreenStream Environmental small business blog – marketing oriented blog containing useful information
– Petrillo Law blog (September 2012 to December 2015) – SEO oriented blog specific to the topic containing a marketing push

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Retail & product website copy – regularly from June 2006 to February 2009 & occasionally from 2010 to the present for major national clients along with various small businesses including product descriptions, supplementary and explanatory materials, and marketing materials for a very wide range of consumer products.

Sample clients:

The Shopping Channel (now Today’s Shopping Choice – jewellery, clothing, cosmetics, household items & more – Mississauga, ON)
Dainolite Lighting Inc. (Mississauga, ON)
Bath Melts Inc. (beauty, cosmetics – Hamilton, ON)
My Baskets by Simontea (gift baskets – Toronto, ON)

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