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You’ll find images and video relating to my original music projects on the Anya Mia Music and Lingua Franca pages.

Singing Covers

My cover of Angel from Montgomery (John Prine) with Dave Battrick on guitar- May 2018 at the Sunday blues jam at the Masque in Hamilton, ON

(You Can Have My Husband But Please) Don’t Mess With My Man written by Dorothy LaBostrie for Irma Thomas and her album of the same name. My cover version with You Can Have My Husband- a fave blues song – with David Battrick on guitar, Gerald James Myers on drums and Jon Ingalls on bass – at the Masque in Hamilton, ON Canada recorded Sunday, June 30, 2019 by Vesna Trkulja

Singing back up

With Fred D. Smith and Lisa Swales – you can hear me on the high notes off camera to the right for most of it! (Artword Artbar – February 12, 2012)

Summertime with the P.U.B. Band (2011)

Adventures in Acting:

Texas, Tulips and Us
I have a bit part in the shower scene of this Fellini-esque short film.

Published on 27 Nov 2014
Nancy wears green stockings, Peter is Keith Richards of the sousaphone. Will they ever make it to New York together?

Starring: Alyssa Owsiany, Byron Asher, Phil Dionne
Directed and written by: Lee Filipovski
Produced by: Alex Filipovski
Cinematography: Christopher Ripley
Editor: Kaisa Pitsi
Sound: Ranno Tislar
Original score: Rob Teehan, performed by the Lemon Bucket Orkestra

All rights reserved by Lee Filipovski & Filmbaker Pictures, in association with Kontra Film.
“Ma Maren Ma (feat. Saban Bajramovic)” by Fanfare Ciocarlia feat. Saban Bajramovic (Google Play • iTunes)

Taking Stock: Voodoo Economics (2011)
I have a bit part as a voodoo financial officer in this documentary.

Adoration (interactive video installation)
by Teresa Ascencao
Uploaded on 11 Oct 2007
North American media is like today’s religion. It creates powerful images for the masses to adore. It takes an ordinary woman and turns her into a star — not unlike the story of the biblical Virgin Mary, the girl next door who became the most “blessed amongst women”

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