15 Deep-Sea Secrets About The Ocean We Can’t Explain

The Earth’s oceans make up more than 70 per cent of the planet, and we’ve only just barely begun to explore them. Despite the fact that human beings have been sailing the seas for hundreds of years, we have only seen about 5 per cent of every thing it holds. There’s a lot of deep, dark environments, animals, and mysteries lurking down there, in other words.

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Actors The MCU Regrets Ever Casting

Getting a shot at a Marvel superhero role is one of those once-in-a-lifetime chances to make gold out of the roller coaster ride that is an acting career. And, sometimes, those casting directors make exactly the right choices. After all, who could possibly have done a better job at playing Tony Stark than Robert Downey, Jr.? It’s hard to imagine a more perfect Thor than Chris Hemsworth or a more convincing Cap than Chris Evans.

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15 Embarrassing Family Photos Celebs Wish We Never Saw

Awkward family photos — we’ve all got them, or maybe they’re hiding at mom and dad’s place, waiting to be taken out and displayed at gatherings of the clan on holidays. For most of us, that’s about as public as they become. When you’re a celebrity, though, those horrible old pics are just more fodder for the insatiable appetites of fans and haters alike.

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15 Photos Of Movie Heroes Who Are Actually Real-Life Villains

Movie heroes played by real life villains. It’s not that the idea is surprising or even unexpected. They do call it acting for a reason. And movie heroes, whether they are the superhero champions of cartoons or meant to be grittier and more realistic, are the epitome of Hollywood fantasy – the dude who can fist fight his way out of a gang of bad guys. The exotic mutant team who saves the world. We’re not expecting realism here.

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15 Photos Of Hillbilly Weddings That Make Us Never Want To Get Married!

Hillbilly weddings have a look and design aesthetic all of their own — it’s not surprising. The hillbilly lifestyle is a true American cultural phenomenon. It has roots in Appalachia and the Ozark region, but has often been used to describe the type of life lived in the largely rural areas of the country from Ohio to Florida. It’s a lifestyle based around the outdoors and life in the country, whether it’s farming, fishing, hunting or other woodsy activity.

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