10 Of The Worst Zodiac Love Pairings For 2020 (And 10 Of The Best)

2020 should prove to be an interesting year for love all around, with good aspects for every sign. During the late spring into summer, Venus and Mars make things interesting for Air and Fire signs. From February to September, Jupiter brings good luck in romantic affairs to Earth and Water signs.

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COFFEE BREAK | Opera Singer Breaks Curfew Silence In Chile By Singing Aria (VIDEO)

What better sound to break the silence of a city under siege than the glorious voice of a lyric soprano? That’s what happened in Santiago, Chile, on the evening of October 22, as soprano Ayleen Jovita Romero‘s voice echoed through empty streets, ending to a swell of applause.

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20 Hidden Easter Eggs In MCU Costumes That Are Actually Genius

The MCU is famous for its Easter eggs – those hidden clues that the filmmakers put into the scenes that reference Marvel comics, other movies, and, in some cases, some very creative elements. Deciphering all the Easter eggs of each MCU movie has become one of the great pleasures of following the franchise, and the subject of endless scrutiny.

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‘Crazy World’ is the Ugandan Action Film Poised to Bring Wakaliwood to the World

We caught up with ‘Uganda’s Tarantino,’ I.G.G Nabwana to talk the making of his new kung-fu kids flick

“The best kidz movie eva!” As the opening credits roll, the voice of V.J. Emmie, the Video Joker, cuts in with flawless comedic timing. “He’s the best director in the world…and father.”

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FEATURE | Deutsche Grammophon Artist Peter Gregson On ReComposing Bach And Writing For The Movies

Scottish cellist and Deutsche Grammophon artist Peter Gregson talks about his rising career as performer and composer, and how both led him to write the score for the new movie ‘Blackbird’.

Classical musician or composer — both are demanding careers that are difficult to launch. Scottish cellist and Deutsche Grammophon artist Peter Gregson has managed to juggle both, with a rising profile in the field of movie music. He came to Toronto recently to attend the world premiere of ‘Blackbird’ at the Toronto International Film Festival, for which he wrote the original music.

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This Nigerian Magic-Realist Film Based in Igbo Tradition is Burning Up the Festival Circuit

We spoke to Abba Makama to get the story behind The Lost Okoroshi, his phenomenal new film about ancestral spirits that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Lost Okoroshi, by Nigerian filmmaker Abba Makama, takes audiences on a trippy ride into the clash between traditional and contemporary cultures in modern day Lagos. The movie made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September 2019.

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INTERVIEW | Ludovico Einaudi Talks About His Musical Influences And Latest Release ‘Seven Days Walking’

‘Most-streamed classical music artist ever’ Ludovico Einaudi talks about his latest release, ‘Seven Days Walking’, and his musical influences in an exclusive interview.

Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi’s latest multi-CD project, Seven Days Walking, began with a simple premise: walking in the mountains around his home.

“I was in the mountains in Switzerland,” he recalls. Einaudi says he was taking some time to himself between projects, listening to a lot of music, and making sketches of the scenery he passed by every day on his long walks through the mountain paths.

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