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Place is integral to arts and culture and my interest has always been to look both far afield and close to home for inspiration when it comes to all three themes. Travel represents a major thread in my writing career and I’ve pursued it in various ways.

  • For my own blog Art & Culture Maven  – a combination of original and curated content. I typically post 2-5 travel articles per month.
Central Park by Anya Wassenberg
Central Park, NYC – image by Anya Wassenberg

In 2018, I was selected by to be one of 500 travel experts voting on

Travel Writing for Other Publications – a Selected List:

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  • Ski Vermont! (for Locke-Taylor Magazine, 2015)
  • New York City Rentals (for Connecting – Solo Travel Network, 2012)
  • The Drake Hotel (for Power Magazine, 2010)
  • Driver Magazine (Toronto, ON, 2009, regular contributor web & print)
  • Hotel Hotline (2004 x 2)
  • National Post – “Lobsters in Art” (Toronto, ON Sept. 2000)
  • (Hamilton, ON 1999, frequent contributor)
Capitola CA beach and mountains
Capitola, CA – image by Anya Wassenberg

I wrote two books – travel guides to the city of Toronto – for a San Francisco based publisher, one in 2005 and as one of three contributors in 2008:

Toronto Pulseguide
Toronto Night + Day (Pulseguide) ASD Media 2008

Travel copy writing
I do a great deal of web copy writing, a good chunk of it for the travel industry (both European & North American based) in various forms, including:

  • webpages
  • destination descriptions & mini guides
  • tour descriptions

Clients – through brokers – include,,, among many others.

Times Square
Times Square – photo by Anya Wassenberg

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