About Moi

I’m a long time freelance writer, writing instructor and more recently, a singer and songwriter. I also have a degree in French that I like to use now and then.

My writing, both fiction and non-fiction, has been largely fueled by curiosity – curiosity about the world, the people in it and how things work. I’ve written short stories and novellas, articles, books, webpages, blog posts, marketing materials – in short, everything that a freelancer can get their hands on.

Anya Wassenberg writer and singer
Anya Wassenberg, writer & singer – photo by Ellis Bateson

I currently write on an irregularly regular basis for Ludwig Van (Toronto), and TheTalko, a Valnet property. From 2017 to 2018, I wrote for – and got over 20 million views at – TheRichest, another Valnet online publication. I write on an occasional basis for a number of publications, including OkayafricaMyentertainmentworld.ca, the Huffington Post as a blogger, and as a contributor to AllAboutJazz. I teach five writing courses at the college level through OntarioLearn.com — along with a regular stream of freelance assignments. I have my own blog at ArtandCultureMaven.com, and you can read short fiction, sci-fi, and hard science pieces via Futurism Media. You’ll find feeds of recent work on the sidebar.

My work is sometimes cited in other publications, including academic work along with books; among them:

As a singer, I’m active locally here in Southern Ontario with ensembles from duos and trios to larger groups.

Anya Wassenberg, singer
Photo by David MacEachern (2014)

You can check on the links above to see work in my various specialties or view/download a full C.V. and you may have noticed that the widgets along the right of this page also lead you to my work in various forms, including a blog on this website that lists my most recent work and new posts from my art blog. You can get in touch with the contact form below.

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Anya Wassenberg at the Masque Sept 16 18
Singing at The Masque – September 2018


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