Lingua Franca Collective

Experimental electro-acoustic music/spoken word/song.
LIngua Franca double
Drawings by César Correa

lingua franca – a common language

Lingua Franca is an experimental electronic-acoustic music project, that we hope will blossom one day into a multi-media performance project. Music produced & performed by César Correa / lyrics by Anya Wassenberg.

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Lingua Franca Collective banner 1
Drawing by César Correa


Lingua Franca Collective banner 2
Drawing by César Correa

New Music

Potion (2020)

From the album ‘Ambitious City’ (2019)


Or, you can never go home again

Coming Soon

A song about gentrification and displaced people.

Video (and most of the pics in it) by me:

The audio only version:

Caveat Emptor 

A song about our consumerist society.

Caveat Emptor by Cesar Correa Cordoba
Drawing by César Correa

Ambitious City

A song inspired by our home base of Hamilton, Ontario, but which could really apply to almost any North American city.

The audio only version:

What Is Life?

A robot wonders about their faulty and oh-so-fallible creators.


A song about our fractured relationship with the natural world.

evaporacion 2

Master or Slave?

What’s your relationship to technology?

Master or Slave 1

A Place In This World

that’s what we’re all looking for