The 15 Biggest Douchebags In The Music Industry

Musicians are showered with money, fame, media attention, and fawning fans, and often at a relatively early age. The big surprise may not be why there seem to be so many douchebags in the music business, but why there aren’t much more. Add the virtually unlimited access to booze and mind-altering substances that kind of money can buy, and it’s a recipe for unsociable behavior from temper tantrums to abusing the help to serious criminal charges. The money and the spotlight can make the elements that would normally result in minor character flaws escalate into full blown dysfunctional behavior. That annoying sense of entitlement becomes a nightmare of diva-like demands. The common office bore becomes a figure with a world stage on which to spew their ill-conceived views and opinions. There’s no one around and no reason apparent to put on the brakes when rich, spoiled pop stars get used to having it all their way.

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Anya Wassenberg

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