15 Outrageous Things That Could Only Happen In Dubai

Dubai is a paradise of man-made wonders in the desert filled with glittering ultra-modern architecture, luxury shopping, and a nightlife scene that legends are made of. From the shimmering skyscrapers that create its unique skyline to the Dubai Fountain, whose sparkling water show is choreographed to music, everything seems designed to blow the mind and dazzle the senses. Citizens are outnumbered by foreigners in this cosmopolitan oasis by six to one. Throughout the globe, Dubai is known as a one of a kind destination for travelers, along with the cultural and financial center of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s located on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula and was first settled around 1833 by the Bani Yas tribe, led by the Al Maktoum Family who still rule the city today. Dubai’s growth spurt is relatively recent, however, which is why everything in the sparkling city seems so shiny and new.

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Anya Wassenberg

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