15 Babes You Didn’t Know Are Comic Book Geeks

Hot celebs can be comic geeks too, contrary to the stereotype. Now, we don’t really need much of an excuse to come up with a list of 15 hot celebs, amirite? It’s everybody’s favorite topic. But, when you add another dimension to the picture, it becomes a win-win situation that just multiplies the pleasure.

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The New New Space Wizards Demo

New York City-based David Jacobson and The New Space Wizards have released a new demo, a follow up to their 2016 EP Psychedelica Revisited. The new demo was recorded with the live band that has been performing all around their native Brooklyn, and it has a nicely organic feel to all the tracks.

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15 Most Crime-Infested American States

Which American states have the most offenders? It’s a valid question that would concern most people. When it comes to sex offenders, you can actually come up with numbers on how many live in a specific state, and even where because of the laws on registration. When a murderer leaves jail, they can go anywhere and slip through the cracks. Sex offenders can’t stay anonymous.

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15 Inappropriate Moments Even Die-Hard Fans Missed In Superhero Cartoons

There are cartoons for adults and cartoons for kids. Sure. But, the cartoons for kids are still written and animated by adults. That means, there are times when the adult cartoon makers seemingly just can’t resist the temptation to throw in some risqué dialogue, a name or word with a double entendre, or something else that adults will understand but leave the little ones mystified.

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15 Dirty Secrets Producers Don’t Want You To Know About The Maury Show

Maury has been on the air since 1991, an incredible story of longevity in the broadcasting world these days. It succeeds because it gives the audience exactly what they – seemingly – want: people with embarrassing personal issues they’re fine about airing on TV and the vicarious thrill we all get when we see people in worse situations than we are in. For almost three decades, Maury’s show has gone for the lurid and the ratchet and found its groove in serving up trash TV for the masses.

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