15 Movies With WTF Endings…Explained

Movie endings are the culmination of the whole experience. In fact, it’s a sure mark of a bad movie if people don’t bother to stay until the end.

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NASA: Juno Delivers First Jupiter Data

Jupiter, it turns out, is even more wonderfully complicated than earth’s scientists had previously imagined. NASA’s Juno Mission has resulted in the first flurry of research papers that look to find clues to the beginnings of our galaxy in a better understanding of the solar system’s largest planet.

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Warning: These 20 Photos Are Creepy AF

Some images stick in your mind forever. There’s a compelling quality about them that you just can’t forget. Since the dawn of photographic technology, photographers have tried to create those kinds of memorable images on purpose using their art. But sometimes, what’s memorable about a photograph is the subject itself and not the craft of the person behind the lens.

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15 Instagram Posts That Got People Into Serious Trouble

There are about 700 million active users on Instagram in the US these days. That means, everything you post has a potentially vast reach, including those ill-advised images that you took on vacation or your last after-work booze marathon. We all know that potential employers look at social media posts nowadays, right?

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15 Singers Who Are So Bad They Should Be Banned

It’s been proven by many people: Auto-tune means literally anyone can be made to sound like they have a decent singing voice. Still, we’d all like to think that those rich, spoiled pop stars actually have the talent to justify the money and the fame. But, it’s a fond delusion that we’re all telling ourselves to make us feel better. Or rather, they may have talent; it’s just not always in actual singing.

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